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The Power of Giving

Let’s call her Ann. Ann is a 64-year-old grandmother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 months ago. Not wanting her final days to be spent sick, in a hospital, […]

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Winter 2023

Never would I have imagined five years ago, when I became Executive Director, what incredible growth and impact Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions would see!

This feels like an incredibly special time in the history of CWHT and that feeling around our campus is tangible; our staff and volunteers are carrying such passion and energy for hospice care.

As your local, nonprofit Hospice, we’re standing on the precipice of something big. Just look at what you’ve accomplished in 2022:
• We have 2 full hospice homes!
• We care for over 66 patients each day! (That’s more than two rural access hospitals combined)
• We served 92 veterans!
• We gave 30% more hospice care than the past year!
• Converse County has its own team!
• Our Grief Care to patients and community has doubled in numbers!

All these numbers represent hundreds of stories of care, love, and comfort in the lives of our neighbors. It’s the veteran without a home who stays in the hospice home, it’s the elderly gentlemen who gets his last wish to be baptized, and it’s the woman who can pass in her own home pain-free and without fear.

What I’m prouder of is, what I know is to come:
• We’re hiring a nurse practitioner so that a provider can enter every home!
• We’re adding another grief counselor!
• We’re expanding in Converse County—and into Platte County!
• We’re beginning children’s grief groups at the Boys and Girls Club and Roosevelt!

2023 is going to be a year of growth and renewed commitment to patient and family care. If you’re not already a part of this movement, I invite you to join us in bringing care, dignity, and peace to the lives of our neighbors!

We deeply appreciate you all.

~ Kilty Brown - Executive Director


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