CWHT Converse County CNA Michelle shares a beautiful story about her patient Bernice

“She walks with her walker at a snail’s pace but is pleased with herself because she is still trying to do as much for herself as possible. She is 80 years old, having made it to that grand life marker, well beyond the 3-month prognosis given in connection with a massive tumor of cancer in her chest.  Her long straight hair is still naturally sandy blonde, her cheeks pink, and her eyes mischief-filled, sparkling blue.  We reach the bathroom to take a shower, which we do twice every week, having had a good visit about her beloved children and grandchildren, and how she wants to go home and see if her sunflowers are up. There is only a tub, so we maneuver around, she hitches herself up onto a shower chair that has been placed in the tub (yes, at 80 years old!!), her feet outside the tub on a step stool, and we proceed to shower, water and suds going everywhere, soaked up by a multitude of towels on the floor. She tilts her head back, eyes closed, and relishes the warm water cascading over her head and face. And I marvel at the beauty of that face!  That face that wears the lines of time…drawn there by joys and sorrows, years of days in the sun gardening and raising children, births and deaths, love and hurt and laughter, courage and resolve…..and it strikes me that I love the face and the story of this woman for whom I have the opportunity to care….to come along side of and perhaps ease this ending of her journey.  I cherish this blessing I have been given, and will hold precious each moment in her company, because each time I come away, I am inspired to live life fully as she has, and MY journey is eased, and I am thankful…..”