The Importance of The Central Wyoming  Hospice Endowment 

The Central Wyoming Hospice Endowment is important to the organization because it helps to ensure a plan of long-term stability, fiscal responsibility, and financial viability. It offers a stable, predictable source of income which can provide annual support for our operating budget. Endowment contributions can help provide a measure of independence from economic, governmental, and political forces. This fund lays the groundwork for Central Wyoming Hospice to provide hospice care indefinitely.  It supports “Our Caring Promise”, our promise to be with you when you need us. 

The Wyoming Community Foundation manages these funds, and, like a community savings account, this permanent pool of assets generates income and grows over time. With this partnership, CWHT benefits from the Foundation’s 30-year history of adhering to donor’s wishes of building long-term assets that will help the community forever.  They can also help facilitate donations of stocks to the endowment making it easier and more tax beneficial to donors.

If you are interested in donating to the Central Wyoming Hospice Endowment to ensure the future of hospice care in your community, please contact Rachel McPherson at 307-577-4832 or the Wyoming Community Foundation at 307-721-8300. Thank you for supporting future generations in Our Mission: To companion the end-of-life journey with skill and compassion.