True Comfort in Loss

“My family is pragmatic about end-of-life issues. But no matter how you feel about those issues, as a family member’s death approaches, things seem to shift, perhaps unexpected emotions enter the picture, and the path is not always as straight forward as one may
have thought.

Our family has found a certain strength in the services provided by Central Wyoming Hospice. The care they have offered our loved ones is not care we could necessarily give them. That is a true comfort. The respect they give to individual family and friends is validating and calming. The depth of their knowledge is more than a little helpful and has helped guide our family through some inevitable confusion. Yet somehow, they don’t interfere. They are quietly competent, and not bossy or uncomfortably
‘in charge.’

I truly appreciate those facts.  

It’s true. You do meet an angel or two throughout your life. Some of them work at Central
Wyoming Hospice.”  

– Dale Bohren