Karen’s Masterpieces

Karen hasn’t asked for much in her stay in the Kloefkorn Home…diced tomatoes and melted butter with salt and pepper, sliced pepperoni, maybe a ride around town. When asked if there was something that our staff could do for her, she said she would love to have her art supplies.

This started the conversation…

Karen painted several oil paintings in her later life, teaching herself via Bob Ross tutorials. She proudly shared photos of her beautiful creations. Many of them reflected the gorgeous colors that are a mainstay in Wyoming, thanks to our mountain ranges, rivers, sunrises, and sunsets. Karen even painted on a mini-easel – only slightly larger than a thumbprint – a dare from a family member. “She didn’t think I could do it”, as she offered proof of the accomplishment.

And this started the mission…

A call was placed to local art supply shop Goedicke’s. Within 45 minutes, Cameron called back to say a bag of supplies would be ready the next morning, thanks to the generosity of owner Claire Marlow.

Karen was grateful for the surprise and quickly got to work, planning her next creation. We look forward to seeing Karen’s next masterpiece!

Karen with her new art supplies